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Rock and Roll and sooo much more

RRTH's mission is to play music that is not usually considered on the radio. Our focus is on the rock and roll era and includes many rarities. However, we at RRTH trust our listeners with much more and allow ourselves to expand our musical palette to include the last 500 years or so. Which includes that our musical palette ranges from "old music" to "classical", "German Schlager", "big band sound", the 1960s and 1970s, to the near present and even "world music". And yes, we also play entire symphonies and entire concerts from the 1930s to modern times. Anyway, we've worked hard to assemble an extensive pool of music and are still expanding it. Currently, we stand at around 11,000 titles. It's not for nothing that RRTH stands for Radio Earth.


Website: https://www.rrth.at/

Telefon: rrth@gmx.at

E-Mail: rrth@gmx.at